Website & Email not responding

If you find that your email and website are not responding it could be for several reasons:


The first thing to do is make sure your billing is upto date, overdue invoices can lead to suspension of services (if this happens it's very easy for what follows to happen as well).


Blocked by our Security Measures

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including breach of our in built security rules or repeatedly attempting an incorrect password whilst trying to login to email, cPanel or FTP (including whilst suspended for billing issues).

We used to ask for your IP address so we could unblock you, but we now have a system where you can do this yourself without waiting for us:


1. Login to your client portal, ( 
2. Click on "My Service", 
3. On the Active Service (that you are blocked from) click the info icon at the end of row.
4. Further down you will find a form to either unblock yourself or customers.

If this does not resolve your issues please let us know your IP address (use WhatIsMyIP) and your username and domain name.

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