Password protecting directories

You may want to password protect a directory without the need for scripts and people being able to register (e.g. password protecting your entire blog or the admin area of your blog). cPanel allows you to do this in an easy way.

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click on "Directory Privacy" in the Files section.
  3. Open up the folders until you find the directory you need, click on the directory name of the directory you want to protect.
  4. Make sure the correct directory is listed at the top of the page and click the box to password protect this directory.
  5. Give the password protected directory a name (e.g. My private area).
  6. The system will now tell you the directory is password protected, but we haven't provided any users for it and given them a password. So click Go Back.
  7. Under Create User add a username and password for this account and then click Add/Modify. (repeat this process as many times as nececssary).
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