Creating an Add-on Domain

Addon Domains are used when your package allows you to host more than one domain on your account with different content (if you want them to be the same website see Parked Domains). Addon domains live in a folder of your main website, and can have their own email, but not their own control panel.


  • Go to Add-on domains in your control panel.
  • In New Addon Domain enter the domain you would like to point.
  • In Username/Directory Name enter the subdirectory name to which your would like the add-on domain to point.
  • In Password:, enter a password, this should be a 6-8 digit password and not contain the domain name.
  • Click Add.
  • You have successfully created an add-on domain. cPanel automatically sets up FTP access. You will have to upload your files to as cPanel automatically creates a subfolder in your root (public_html) directory for the new add-on domain.
  • You should be able to see the add-on domain on the add-on domains screen, and an FTP account in the FTP manager screen.
  • Remember to update the DNS information of this domain at your registrar (where you registered your domain) to point to our name servers.



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