Creating Your First Client Account

Creating your first account can be quite daunting but it's actually really easy! If you're not losing a billing account manager like we do (WHMCS - it's really good!), then you'll need to create it manually.

Creating a client account in WHM

  • Login to your WHM using the details provided in your welcome email.
  • Create a package for your account (this gives it some features such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases) by clicking on "Add a Package" and filling in the details.
  • Once the package is created we're ready to create a hosting account for your domain name!
  • Click "Create a New Account"
    • Provide the domain name
    • A username and password
    • A contact email.
    • Select the package you just created.
    • Unless you're doing anything out of the ordinary most of the normal options should surfice!
  • When you create the account you will be provided with a set of nameservers. You should set these on your domain name to point it to your new hosting account.
That's it your done! You'll need to wait for the domain to propagate after you change the nameservers but other than that you're ready to go!

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