Can I delete the statistics in tmp?

We generate raw statitistics for every visit to your site by a user, a bot or any other method. These are file level statistics and we daily convert these into stats reports and delete the raw access logs (otherwise they'd become huge!).

These statistics are different to statistics generated by say Google Analytics, because they'll give you an idea of which files are using the most bandwidth, which IP addresses are requesting files all the while, how much data/bandwidth Google is using when it crawls you etc etc.

As you can see they can be pretty useful, however they do build up in size in your home directory so we're often asked whether they can be cleaned out and the answer is of course yes. Here's a rough guide to what can be deleted....

If you don't care about the historical file level statistics reports we've recorded for you in your webspace you can remove the following files/directories (in all cases aggregated statistics will start to appear again with new data on the next statistics run).

Urchin : The whole directory

Webalizer: The whole directory.

AWStats: All txt files, do not remove the .conf file.

Analog: All html files and the cache

Please note: 
  • We recommend you take a backup of your tmp directory before doing any of this.
  • We also need to advise you that if you do this we may be unable to assist with some support queries where we rely on historical data (we recommend being selective about the age of the stats you remove because of this).
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