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Working on the Web with BetterWebSpace

About BetterWebSpace

BetterWebSpace started out in the last quarter of 2002, mainly because Keiron decided he didn't want to pay for his own web hosting anymore and thought he could probably get it for free if he hosted websites for a few friends! The truth is it grew far faster than he (or anyone else) expected, and by April 2003 was already making a small profit.

In the early days BetterWebSpace was nothing more than a reseller account for a larger company, and in fact that reseller account was far smaller than the reseller accounts we provide today.

Steadily we grew, through recommendations and word of mouth advertising we realised there was no better advert than our satisfied customers. Our customers recommended us so much that we could stop reselling other people's space and get our own servers.

Over the years we've added more servers, starting with smaller ones and eventually consolidating some of those smaller servers into far bigger, more powerful servers in both our US and UK datacenters. We became part of InnovaTech Media Ltd in 2009 and in 2011 BetterWebSpace also became a Nominet registrar allowing us far more control over our pricing of UK domains.

For a long time the business was run on a part-time basis whilst Keiron pinned down other jobs, now there's a far bigger team behind BetterWebSpace that keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This has allowed Keiron and other members of the team to go back to what we really enjoy, making peoples lives easier through coding and automation, as well as designing customised solutions and sites for our clients.

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