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Website Construction and code at BetterWebSpace

Programming & Automation

We LOVE automating things, if we can make it quick, easy and all happen at the touch of a button (or even better happen automatically!) then we will. From automating spreadsheets and reports, to fetching data and interacting with twitter based on that.

If you have something that you think we could automate why not get in touch?

Alternatively, if you lead a busy life and think it can't be automated, why not get in touch anyway - we might be able to save you half an hour to an hour a day - how valuable is that to you?

How does it all work?

PHP Programming and Automation at BetterWebSpace

PHP is our language of choice, combine that with a MySQL backend and automatic jobs on linux and you have a very, very powerful engine!

We work in lots of different ways with our customers who want progamming and automation work, Customers tend to:

  • Come to us with an idea they'd like to see built...

    We take a long hard look at their ideas and assess how practical they are, after some to'ing and fro'ing we agree on what would work.

    We go away and implement the code, and any design around it and they have a working product a few days/weeks later.

  • Come to us saying they need to save time...This is our favourite

    We ask them to document every single thing they do in a day for several days, every website they visit, every mouseclick (occasionally we'll go and drink coffee whilst watching them!).

    We look for reptitive tasks that could be implemented through code and automation, we spend some time working on it and come back with something to show them that will save them time and money. Quite often when they see what we can do, they have another 20 ideas and we're happy to work on them!

  • Be annoyed...Because we've annoyed them!

    We see something that somebody is doing that we believe could be done through code and save lots and lots of time, we tell the person and they either get annoyed at us for telling them what to do, or they want to hear more.
    If they are annoyed, we tend to leave it at that! However if they want to hear more, we generally treat them the same as the customers above that want to save time!

Recent Projects

  • Referral Cookie Consent

    Display a cookie consent drop down with more information on first visit to a site.

  • Linux <>DropBox

    Allow two way transfers between Linux hosted account and DropBox via the Dropbox API.

  • Twitter List Management

    Add/remove people from Twitter lists dependant upon critera. Mainly used to keep track of people you've @ mentioned recently.