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BetterWebSpace Reseller meeting customer

Resellers Profit Example

This is the important bit (for most people anyway)... How much can you make?

Please note that the following is just an example, you can set your own prices and you will have to find customers!

  • Mr Reseller joins the BetterWebSpace reseller scheme, by purchasing the "Easy Reseller 1" package (1GB disk space and 20 GB monthly bandwidth) for £12 per month.
  • He creates one package which is: £9.99 per month for 100 MB of disk space and 1GB of monthly bandwidth and starts to promote it.
    Monthly Spend:£12.00
  • Within a few days he sells 5 packages and his monthly income is now £49.95 per month and he is still paying us £12 per month.
    Monthly Spend:£12.00
    Monthly Profit:£37.95
    Annual Profit:£455.40
  • He now upgrades to "Easy Reseller 2" giving him a total of: 2GB disk space and 40GB of monthly bandwidth.
    Monthly Spend:£24.00
    Monthly Profit:£25.95
    Annual Profit:£311.40
  • Just a few weeks later, Mr Reseller now has a total of 20 customers and his monthly income is now £199.80 per month and he is paying us £24 per month.
    Monthly Spend:£24.00
    Monthly Profit:£175.80
    Annual Profit:£2,109.60
  • One year later and Mr Reseller now has 200 customers and his monthly income is now £1998.00 per month and he is paying us £240 per month.
    Monthly Spend:£240.00
    Monthly Profit:£1,758.00
    Annual Profit:£21,096.00
  • If Mr Reseller didn't get any more customers, his yearly income from his reseller business would be £21,096.00.

    However, if they continued at the same growth level for another 5 years, he would }}}}}have a total of 1,000 customers and a yearly income in excess of of £100,000!.