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BetterWebSpace reseller meeting a customer

Seeing reselling from all angles

Reselling is a partnership between us as the provider and you as the reseller, but also between yourself and your clients. There are benefits for all parties in reselling, here we discuss just a few of those benefits.

  • Resellers - Reseller's Perspective

    When we first setup our business in 2002 we were resellers and like many others we offered additional services with our hosting (web design, programming etc). These days a whole range of people use our reseller services to captialise on their own connections to make a profit...

    Web Designers

    Many of our resellers are still web designers or programmers (whether working freelance or as part of a firm or agency), they have neither to the time, resources or inclination to invest in, maintain and service an expensive web hosting infrastructure.

    By partnering with a Web Hosting company (like ourselves) they can resell our hosting services (and possibly other services) to their own clients as part of an all-in one package charging whatever they wish to their clients for ongoing revenue.


    Reselling hosting when you don't have to worry about the infrastructure can be very lucrative (that's one of the reasons we started!) and many entrepreneurs are attracted to the industry because of this. Reseller Hosting has a n affordable entry into an industry that can be very expensive to enter.

    This type of reseller usually plans to become a fully-fledged web hosting provider in their own right, with their own hosting intrastructure. Several of the biggest hosting companies around started like this (us included - although we're not as big as some!), hosting just a few sites on a reseller account they now host tens of thousands of clients in their own multi-million dollar datacenter.

    Ultra Flexibility

    Strictly speaking these types of clients are not resellers, they've bought into our reseller pack to host their own websites. These may be big websites that need the flexibility of being able to have control over far more features, or lots of small to medium sites being built as part of a marketing strategy or network.

    All of these types of reseller are welcome with us!

  • Resellers - End User Perspective (your clients!)

    Web hosting companies typically require resellers to handle the support and billing of their clients. Thus, when an end user purchases hosting from a reseller, the task of hosting his web site has been divided; the web hosting company is dealing with the technical infastructure end and the reseller is dealing with the billing, support and value added services end.

    The reseller not having to deal with the technical infastructure has far more time to spend on giving a superior (and often more personalised) level of support and value-added service for their client.

  • Resellers - Web Host's Perspective

    We're often asked why we bother to have reseller plans, and why are we willing to sell our services at a discounted rate to you as a reseller...

    To put it simply, resellers generate sales for us!

    By independently marketing and selling our services whilst adding their own value-add services, our resellers bring to us clients that we may otherwise not have found. It's a win-win situation!

    As the number of web hosting companies rises every day with new entrants, the market becomes more competitive. Thus having our resellers who can reach out into completely different markets to us and rebrand our services gives us a way to reach new clients (allbeit indirectly!) and continue to grow quickly.