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Terms & Conditions

5. Hosting with resellers rights

If you use our Hosting services with resellers rights they shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions which form part of the full Terms and Conditions of services.

  1. Where reseller rights are provided with your selected package we grant you license to resell your Hosting Capacity in full or part to your customers as a White Label Service. In the interest of clarity in this section a customer is any individual, partnership, company or organisation who you allow, whether for payment or not, to access or use your Hosting Capacity.
  2. Packages including reseller rights are subject to a monthly billing period.
  3. You accept and acknowledge that we do not have a contract or any responsibility or liability with your customers and you shall fully and unconditionally indemnify us from all and any liabilities and claims whether in statute, tort, equity or otherwise, from your customers resulting from their use of your services including but not limited to –
    1. The content within your Hosting Capacity, irrespective of whether that content is owned by you or your customers.
    2. Any warranty, guarantee or offer from you to your customers.
    3. A failure, whether in negligence or not, to comply with any requirement or obligation by you or your customers.
    4. A breach of any right or privilege of Intellectual Property.
    5. Any contract, understanding or commitment you enter into with your customers.
    6. Any errors made by you or your customers in making applications or registrations.
    7. Any loss of, or corrupt data that cannot be restored following your failure to maintain backups of your Clients data, notwithstanding that you have the option of using our backup service.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any material and/or suspend the reseller account in whole or part where any Hosted Material, act or omission by the reseller or their customer's breaches or is otherwise inconsistent with the terms, conditions or spirit of this Agreement.
  5. You will provide your customers with a contract of service that is consistent with and not in conflict with any provision of this Agreement, in the event of any conflict this Agreement shall always prevail.
  6. You will ensure you deal with your customers in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of any relevant registration authority.
  7. You will provide your customers with Customer Services, support and a complaint procedure. Any complaint or dispute resolution in respect of your customers that is referred to us, or it becomes necessary for us to intervene or become involved in may be subject to charges at our standard hourly rate.
  8. You shall act upon any Take down notice and fully indemnify us against any claim whether in statute, tort, equity or otherwise where you fail to act in accordance with the EU Electronic Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC.