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Terms & Conditions

Data Processing Schedule

These Terms and Conditions form part of the full Terms and Conditions of services

More details about how we process your data as a data controller an be found in our privacy notice.

All definitions used in this clause shall have the definition set out in the Data Protection Legislation.


Subject matter of processing:

Any personal data that the processor processes on behalf of the controller, or as a sub-processor to a controller in the course of providing the services.

Duration of Processing:

The duration of the data processing until the termination of the services agreement in accordance with its terms and then in accordance with legal requirements.

Nature and Purpose of Processing:

The provision of the services to the controller and the performance of the processor’s obligations under this agreement or as otherwise agreed by the parties.

Data Subject Types:

The personal data uploaded to the service under the controller’s accounts.

Personal Data Categories:

  • Personal Data: data relating to data subjects having contact with the Controller or their clients, including but not limited to purchases of goods and/or services such as name, title, billing address, delivery address email address, phone number, contact details, purchase details and card details.
  • Technical Data that includes data about use of websites and online services such as IP address, login data, details about browsers, length of visit to pages on websites, page views and navigation paths, details about the number of times a website is used and technology on the devices used to access websites or services.

Special Category Data

Personal data processed by the processor shall not include special category data.

Security Measures:

InnovaTech Media Ltd t/a BetterWebsSpace has implemented the technical and organisational security measures described in this schedule. These measures apply to BetterWebSpace’s standard services that may involve the processing of personal data as part of the Controller’s data. Certain measures may not apply or may be applied differently to customised or other non-standard services, configurations, or environments deployed by the Controller. For purposes hereof, “Exporter Data” means all data (including personal data), records, files, information and other such materials that is received, stored, transmitted, or otherwise processed by BetterWebSpace for or on behalf of Data Exporter in the provision of the Processing Services.

1. Information Security

BetterWebSpace will use reasonable measures designed to: (1) secure the confidentiality and integrity of Exporter Data; (2) to the extent related to the Services and BetterWebSpace Infrastructure, protect against foreseeable threats to the security or integrity of Exporter Data; (3) protect against unauthorized access to, disclosure of or use of Exporter Data; and (3) provide that BetterWebSpace employees are aware of the need to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of Exporter Data. BetterWebSpace will limit access to Exporter Data to only those employees, agents or service providers of BetterWebSpace who need the information to carry out the purposes for which Exporter Data was disclosed to BetterWebSpace.


The following security controls apply to the Processing Services:

  • Logical access controls to manage access to Exporter Data and system functionality on a least privilege and need-to-know basis, including through the use of defined authority levels and job functions, unique IDs and passwords, strong (i.e. two-factor) authentication for remote access systems (and elsewhere as appropriate), and promptly revoking or changing access in response to terminations or changes in job functions.
  • Password controls to manage and control password complexity and expiration.
  • Operational procedures and controls to provide that technology and information systems are regularly patched and updated.
  • Network security controls, including the use of firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems to help protect systems from intrusion and/or limit the scope or success of any attack or attempt at unauthorized access.
  • Vulnerability detection technologies to identify, assess, mitigate and protect against new and existing security vulnerabilities and threats, including viruses, bots, and other malicious code.

Approved Sub-Processors

  • Service providers who provide IT, accounting, backup and system administration services.
  • Software, email, payment and hosting support providers.
  • Domain registrars, SSL providers and other hosting service providers.
  • Professional advisers including lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers who provide consultancy, banking, legal, insurance and accounting services.